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"I went in to the workshop [...] not knowing what it would really be about….I loved it.  I can honestly say that it was profound enough to be life changing for me.  I have long wished to be able to trust in the unknown and in being unknowing of what might evolve…. This workshop really helped me to enjoy and appreciate not knowing and to trust the process."  

Kate McConnell, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist, workshop participant, 2018

"I’d like to say that this was a miracle experience and one of the best [summer schools] in my life….you’ve brought something new and wonderful in my life."

Fatima Firogatova, Biocultural Diversity Summer School participant 2013

"I can say that I could feel the Earth as a living organism."

Anara Dolotova, Holistic Science Summer School participant 2012

“Roland is patient, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Through clear examples and well-prepared tasks, Roland has a way of teaching which is not about telling but about encouraging you to make discoveries for yourself. I feel like Roland has opened my eyes to a vista of possibilities……I sincerely hope to have the chance to learn from Roland again in the near future.” 

Neil Callaghan, choreographer and performer, individual learner 2018

"The knowledge that we obtain through holistic approaches is endless..…the connections between things gives us a wider world-view. It is so fantastic “to know” in a new way!!"

Ikumi Tone, Holistic Science Summer School participant 2012 

"Thanks so much for your generous spirit through these sessions. I'm not the same person who first talked with you. I notice the new eyes I have."

Wendy Glasgow, individual learner, 2020

"The course…was really meaningful. Through the different observation exercises ….I really took time to understand, see and connect with nature around me - as strong as never before I felt and saw the similarity between Me as a human being and a plant as an alive being. That was incredible for me. Suddenly the world made more sense to me. Before this [I] was "understanding" it - but not really feeling and knowing it."

Louisa Himmelbach, participant Youth Initiative Programme 2014

"This was a new kind of way to learn for me, and it was amazing. We did everything by ourselves and this was the most important and greatest part."

Hangoma Mamadsaidova, Biocultural Diversity Summer School participant 2013

"It was an extraordinary week. Through exercises that engaged all our senses, we closely encountered the living reality around us. We practised seeing without interpreting and sensing into life as a process, always emerging. Roland led our group in this with sensitivity, humility and wisdom. His sparkling eyes were hugely contagious! The week really enriched how I see and experience the world and this is such a gift."

Olga Bloemen, participant Youth Initiative Programme 2014

Excellent. It was fantastic for me to follow and join in in this approach - to our connection, relation and capacity for observation of the earth, through resonance and presence rather than merely possibility and abstract concepts, which I find vital and very enrichening to combine with learning and reading.…. I found that this course made space equally for the scientific and the artistic, and that this interpenetration is essential.

Roland was very clear and especially attentive and didn’t miss anything that anyone said.

Bartholomew Ryan, Research Coordinator CultureLab, Nova Institute of Philosophy [IFILNOVA], participant A Delicate Empiricism 2

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