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Gaelic meaning: dwelling-place, also dwelling, to cultivate and inhabit. 


The word àiteas (pronounced aːhdʲəs or 'ar-chiss') reflects an approach to cultivating a more sophisticated way of inhabiting this earth and the places we live. To dwell in a place is to embody all of the experiences that go into making that place particular and unique to us. It makes us who we are and we reciprocate by making the place what it is. To dwell also points to the kind of reflection that can bring about greater clarity and wholeness. In these ways, cultures are 'cultivated' through our relationships to place. 

I am not a Gealic speaker nor originally from Scotland, but I have chosen the word àiteas as a way to honour this place, which I call home, its rich history and my on-going relationship with it. 


àiteas  Purpose and Mission:

"the major problems in the world are the result of the differences between the way nature works and the way people think.”
Gregory Bateson

The courses and services offered on this site aim to support individuals and groups / organisations to work in closer alignment with the natural world and environment. As the Bateson quote to the left suggests, there is a disjuncture between how we act as humans, and the nature of life and living processes around us. The work and initiatives ​presented on this website aim to facilitate an understanding of these differences, an awareness of living processes, and to encourage changes in perception that bring us in closer alignment with the natural world.  

Changes in perception inherently lead to changes in thinking, and it is this deeper-rooted transformation that is at the heart of this work. While these changes may seem small and subtle, I believe they are fundamental in responding and adapting to the social and environmental challenges we currently face.

The work presented in this website is grounded in three practices or disciplines; Phenomenology, Goethe's way of science and the philosophy of wholeness. You can read more about these here

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