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Individual Learning & Support:

I offer one-on-one support to individuals who want to develop their learning in a particular practice, phenomenon or study area. These include phenomena in the natural world as well as of a social nature.

The support I can offer is based on the principles and practice of Goethean Science, a phenomenologically inspired, participatory approach. This brings together both analytical and participatory modes of engaging with phenomena and develops thinking, reflection, imagination and intuition through specific practices. Please see the following page for more detail about some of these processes. 

Individual learning can be fruitful, particularly as it is ‘tailor-made’ and offers scope for people to enter into a topic and personal process more deeply. However, I would also encourage people to consider joining a group course where it is available. This is because there are benefits to collaboration in all types of learning, and in particular participatory learning. Please consider whether one of the current online programmes could also meet your learning needs when thinking about starting an individual project. I'd be happy to discuss any questions you have if you contact me via the details on the contact page

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