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Online learning:

Immersion - Incubation - Inspiration

Collaborative-learning programme


Programme Dates:


Future dates for this programme will be published soon.

For further details, please get in touch via email. 

Programme overview:

This programme is open to participants who have completed A Delicate Empiricism. It is designed to support participants to carry out a longer-term inquiry into a phenomenon or topic of their choice. The programme will support participants in the following ways;


  • By forming a small group of fellow ‘inquirers’ who will meet twice monthly and reflect on each other’s progress and discoveries

  • Through exercises, reading and content offered during the group meetings

  • Through group discussion of the above

  • Through one-to-one support, exploring questions related to individual inquiries (up to one hour per month)

Programme content:

Through group meetings, one-to-one sessions, and time spent on individual inquiries (in between sessions) the programme is designed to provide a context and container for exploration of themes, both individually and collectively.


Group meetings will be divided between time spent on participant contributions (sharing and feedback on personal projects), and topics or exercises from the list below. The topics will be selected based on their relevance to participants’ inquiries.


  • Perspectives on landscapes and landscape observation

  • ‘Indigenous’ knowledge and environmental perception

  • Environmental decision-making and ‘consensus design’

  • Holism and the animal kingdom

  • Exercises and reflections on light and colour (contrasting Newton and Goethe)

  • Eco-psychology and meeting the environment as a ‘mirror’

  • ‘Solo walk’ and group reflection exercise


The balance between discussion of participant projects and new content will be reviewed with the group during the programme, and where possible adapted to suit participants’ learning needs.

Group meeting schedule: TBC


Programme fees: (please see note on fees below)


GBP  £325 (Low waged)  /  £375 (Waged)  /  £425 (High Waged)


GBP  £495 (Third Sector)  /  £595 (Private/Public companies)

Fees can be paid in installments, please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

Note on fees:

As with other programmes, a sliding scale has been set for the course fee to take into account people’s different financial circumstances. I would like to ensure that no one is put off participating for financial reasons, so please contact me if you are in this position.

To make a booking or for any enquiries, please click here.

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